Birch Lane In-Person/Distance Learning Request Form
Posted on 04/06/2021
picture of form Parent/Guardians – 

If you wish to change your student(s) instructional model for April 12, we are providing a form to indicate your preference for your student(s):
In-person instructional model
Distance Learning instructional model
In-person instruction placement requests will be reviewed by sites each Thursday in the order they are received.  Families will be contacted on Fridays to confirm their change in placement.  Students new to in-person learning will begin on Monday of any given week so that any reconfiguration to the classroom can be made.   
 Student Distance or In-Person learning form.

You can drop it off directly at the Birch Lane Office or email it to:

Michele Salisbury-   [email protected]
Vanessa Soriano-      [email protected]

Distance Learning requests will be honored immediately and teachers will be notified about the change in placement.

In-person and Distance Learner students should contact the school office and teacher if they will be absent.

Absent in-person learners may access the day’s instruction through Distance Learning in coordination with their teacher.