Birch Lane Physical Education

Mr. Gojkovich

Hello, my name is Thomas Gojkovich and I am the Physical Education Teacher for Birch Lane Elementary School! As a Davis native and former Birch Lane student, I am so excited to be in a position to educated our young community on the benefits of health, exercise, athletic and manipulative skills, cooperation, and all things movement related!

I was a high school athlete at Davis High School and a collegiate athlete at College of Marin and Sonoma State University. I have been a certified personal trainer since 2013 so sports and physical fitness are two of my passions in life. Educating young people is another passion of mine and I have trained and coached athletes at many levels, from 9 to 18 years old.

In the P.E. program at Birch Lane, students are given plenty of opportunities to grow both in and out of the class experience. We cover various topics and student are taught physical, mental, and social skills that will help contribute to their well-being. We cover such activities as locomotor skills and movement concepts, cooperative games, different team sports, physical fitness concepts, as well as many others. I teach to the California State Standards for Physical Education to ensure that my students are getting the best education possible. Our physical education motto, respect and responsibility, will be carried out in each task asked of them to perform.

Safety is a huge concern and comes first, last, and always while in my class. Accidents are easily avoided just by wearing the proper attire needed when participating in physical education. It is my job to keep my students safe in an ever changing and always moving P.E. environment. My P.E. expectations are be safe, be respectful, be responsible, 100% participation, and have fun!

I am very happy to say that the P.E. program at Birch Lane is thriving and we will continue to improve every year!