This year our Student Leadership groups are hosting the 9th annual Friendship Week at Birch Lane.  The focus will be on Kid President’s 100 Ways to “BE AWESOME!”.  Kid President has become a “YouTube sensation” who inspires kids all over the world to spread kindness, compassion and care.  Student Leadership students have chosen the following ways to encourage all of our students to spread his message.  Please ask your student what they’ve done “BE AWESOME!” this week. 

All Week Long:

Be Generous.  Give!   Yolo County Nursery Drive

Donate to our friends at the Yolo County Crisis Nursery.  Items may be dropped off  in   the Counselor’s Office. 
Items needed:  baby formula, diapers sizes 4-6, clothes sizes 4T-10

Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like a Somebody

Students are encouraged to give Kindness Coins to someone who was kind to them or who might need a friend. 

Focus on the Awesome- Student Pledges

Students will write pledges about ways they can “BE AWESOME!” and spread kindness.

Monday:  Spread Kindness Like Confetti

Assembly- By Kid President and Student Leadership Team

        Lunch recess activity-  make kindness cards
 “Be Awesome!” pencils handed out to encourage students to write kind things to others.

Tuesday: Sing Out Loud

        Lunch recess activities- paint kindness quotes and sing friendship songs

Wednesday:  Team Up!  Together We’re Louder.

       School Photo at 8:50 am- meet on the blacktop.

Thursday:  Take Care of Yourself, So You Can Take Care of Others.

         Lunch recess activity- running club

Friday:  Give the World a Reason to Dance

           Lunch recess activity-  dance party