Garden Party on 1/15/2023
Posted on 01/05/2023
Garden PartyNext garden party for January will be 1/15/23.
If you are a rose gardener or fruit tree we are in need of winter pruning we can arrange a separate day as needed.

First, we had a successful wreath sale event. Thank you everyone!!

Garden Committee Volunteers have been busy planting over 200 lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower starters at the farm and in campus garden boxes. We’ve tended to the young plants by watering and protecting them from the harsh weather and from being eaten by critters—we’ve had some loss but some success as well!

Volunteers have begun the important task of inventorying the supply sheds to better assess our current resources and potential educational engagement opportunities.

We started assessing the arboretum garden beds. Years of composted leaves have been removed from around the beds, giving us wonderful soil to use and allowing us to better visualize the future potential of the space. We cleared the clogged drain in the arboretum and the drains along the hallway abutting the arboretum—we have noticed much less water buildup there.

Our Garden Grounds Coordinator has been researching the history of the arboretum/garden spaces and we’ve discovered the rich potential of the garden spaces we have. We’re planning, and most importantly, doing the work to reinvigorate Birch Lane Gardens.
Our Garden Education Coordinator has been reviewing the wonderful curriculum resources we have and has started to reach out to teachers to develop a plan to get more students into the gardens in the new year.

Happy New Year!