Montessori Program

The Montessori Program at Birch Lane provides a warm and nurturing learning montessori logoenvironment for students K-6th grades. Montessori pedagogy embraces the concepts of following the child in learning and that classrooms should be designed to support a variety of levels of learning.

 At Birch Lane we have three classes of kindergarten/first grade students, three classes of second/third grade students, and beginning in 2019-20 our four intermediate classes will be fourth/fifth/sixth multi-age classes.

The Montessori Program provides many hands-on materials to support tactile and concrete learning. Students are provided some choice in their work plan during the school day and encouraged to explore and research areas of interest. All students are held to Common Core Standards, have the support of district adopted materials, complete the same assessments and are provided the same interventions as our neighborhood students.

Students may enter our Montessori program at any time and at any grade depending on availability. We encourage families to complete our enrollment application if they are interested in our program. For more information, please visit the Birch Lane Montessori Parent Advisory Committee (MPAC) website.