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Kelso's Choices for Conflict Resolution

About Kelso’s Choice: how it works

At Birch Lane Elementary, the School Counselors presents the material annually to all students in grades K-3 and then reviews the core strategies with grades 4-6. Within the core program, students are first taught to discriminate between “big” problems that must be shared with an adult, and “small” problems that they can resolve using one of Kelso's nine strategies.  

After mastering this distinction, each of the nine skills are taught to the students. For example, specific strategies for “MAKE A DEAL” are taught and practiced, including rock, paper, scissors and how to find a win-win solution. 

The program encourages students to try two choices from “Kelso’s Choice Wheel.” If the “small” problem persists, they are told that adult intervention is warranted.  Students are also taught to always seek help from an adult when they feel scared or afraid.  

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Second Steps for Social Emotional Development
Second Step SEL

Skills for Social and Academic Success

Second Step's evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum improves the lives of over 15 million students every year. When students are better equipped to manage their own emotions and build positive relationships, they’re better equipped to learn.

Lesson Scope and Sequence
Second Step Bully Prevention Unit
Bullying Prevention Unit

The Power to Improve School Climate
With the research-based Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit, Kindergarten through Grade 5 students learn to recognize, report, and refuse bullying. Training for school staff brings the program full circle by helping adults address bullying effectively.